Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So as you know, Brian passed the BAR exam. Well, here is the whole story of the evening. Brian wanted to be at home Friday night to get the results. At 8pm the results were getting released. At about 6pm I called Brian and asked him what take out he wanted me to pick up. I was close to one of his favorite Chinese places. So he called in an order and I waited to get it. As the restaurant owner handed me our food he said ohh wait. Then he turned around and grabbed 3 fortune cookies and gave them to me. I said,"Let's hope they are good fortunes." He smiled, I laughed and then I left.

Of course he had no idea the significance of my comment.

So I got home, we ate and then it was time to check the computer. At that point I almost had Brian open the fortune cookies before the results, but thought it a bit too weird. So he checked, he passed, and all the adreneline flew out of us.

A few hours later I was like, hey let's open the cookies. And I told him the story of the guy almost forgetting to give them to me. We actually opened the 2nd one in the picture first, the first one second and then the 3rd one about an hour later.

That is when we almost fainted. And yes, I am playing those lotto numbers.

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  1. This is AMAZING! I really think that there is a force in the world that conspires for goodness. Really. Congrats to Brian!