Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trend I Am Tired Of

People, really, I am tired of you going out to do something specifically to write a book about it. To then profit off it. These are NOT memoirs. They get shelves with biographies and memoirs at the bookstore and then you are browsing looking for an actual biography and you get-My year of not buying anything: How I survived and what I learned. Like we care. Really this is just an experience you specifically planned to then write a book. In my mind that is totally cheating, not a real way to have an experience.

Some examples:

Whe woman who did everything Oprah told her to do-then wrote a book
The man that read every volumn of the encyclopedia-then wrote a book
My year living at the monastary
My year only buying things that I can meet the person who produced it

These are just a few that I personally have seen or heard of. If I did an Amazon search, just imagine.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Studying For The BAR Exam

In exactly 2 weeks Brian and I will be celebrating. Brian is studying for the Ca BAR exam and I am mesmerized by the sheer amount of usless knowledge he has to stuff into his head, because I want to move to CA. What a husband. Meanwhile, I am so bored by this process. Since the New Year it has really been like: work 8 hours: eat: study until 10 and talk to Lissa for15 minutes: sleep: repeat. Then eight hours a day on the weekends.

People keep telling me, "Enjoy the free time." To be honest I have much more fun hanging out with Brian than alone and it's not like I want to run out and enjoy the balmy 15 degree weather (hence wanting to get out of frigid Chicago). What and leave him alone to study for an exam that he is pretty much talking for me. Not so much.

I just finished my mid-year eval for work where I had to rate myself 1-4 in like 15 categories. Then I have to email it to my boss and he rates me. Shouldn't he have to rate me BEFORE he sees mine, so that mine doesn't influence him. Exactly, that's what I thought. I will try to suggest that, and see how it goes.

On February 28th it will be exactly one year that I have been out of the classroom. Wow, I am so much more relaxed. I am not sure how you all do it, my teacher friends. I get anxious just thinking about it.

We will be in sunny Ontario, Ca from the 20th-27th. Yeah! Think happy thoughts for Brian!