Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trend I Am Tired Of

People, really, I am tired of you going out to do something specifically to write a book about it. To then profit off it. These are NOT memoirs. They get shelves with biographies and memoirs at the bookstore and then you are browsing looking for an actual biography and you get-My year of not buying anything: How I survived and what I learned. Like we care. Really this is just an experience you specifically planned to then write a book. In my mind that is totally cheating, not a real way to have an experience.

Some examples:

Whe woman who did everything Oprah told her to do-then wrote a book
The man that read every volumn of the encyclopedia-then wrote a book
My year living at the monastary
My year only buying things that I can meet the person who produced it

These are just a few that I personally have seen or heard of. If I did an Amazon search, just imagine.

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