Sunday, March 28, 2010

St. Patty's Day

Just blocks from our place in Greektown is the bar Dugan's, which any other time of the year I never even realized is Irish. St. Patrick's Day is huge here in Chicago, but Brian and I usually don't do much. Standing out in the cold to watch them dye the river green, or to watch the Southside parade just never appealed to me. Plus they celebrate it the weekend before, so I am always caught off guard.

This year it fell on a Wednesday. The parade was cancelled this year since it had turned into a drunken-fest and the river had already been dyed, but Brian had a hankering for an Irish pub. So we went to Dugan's, and it seemed all Irish. We went for a drink, stayed for a few and then went home and cooked cornmed beef and cabbage. A proper St. Patty's Day was had by all.

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