Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gun Range

So Friday afternoon my company always has a 4:00 o'clock meeting that inevitably starts at 5:30pm. Ahh, how obnoxious. Who wants their weekend to start at 7:00? So this past Friday at 6:30 after the meeting was substantially over, my boss decided that it would be a good time to discuss where we should go on the company outing. Seriously, we are going to discuss this now! So what ensued was about 7 of us yelling out and shooting down suggestions(no pun intended as you will soon find out). So I suggest a cool bar or whirlyball while another colleague suggests car racing and then Brooke suggests a gun range. Yup, you heard it right, a gun range for a company outing. And then my boss said, "Yeah that sounds great." What! I know we might all have a bit of stress and pent up agression but seriously, this would have to be a first for even our company. So when it came down to it I was the ONLY person opposed to going to a gun range. How that was, I am not sure. Then I got the questions, seriously Lissa you wouldn't shoot a gun. I won't get into that here, but really how is this appropriate for a work event?

So previously during that "meeting" my boss suggested inviting some people that might be prospective employees to this yet undecided work outing. Now, I don't know about you, but inviting a perspective employee to an event where we let down our hair and have a few drinks may not be the best way to impress. When I got home and started telling Brian about the gun range and prospective employee idea . . . you can see where this is going. . What you don't want to work with us (as you hold a .38 caliber in your hand). We laughed and laughed.

Weird meeting! My bet is still on whirlyball.

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